The Vixa Type 20 was built in 1954 with case and movement by Hanhart. The company "Vixa" was named after a late president of Timex Watches France. (Timex had a factory in Besanšon until 1960.) Some 4000-5000 Vixa Type 20 chronographs were supplied.

Vixa Type 20 has a reeded bezel and is marked "Antimagnetic" on the dial. The case is stainless steel with a screwed caseback, and, at 39 mm, slightly larger than other Type 20s. The watches of the French Air Force were marked with the number "5100 54" and the respective serial numbers.

The Vixa Type 20 chronographs were similar to the Hanhart chronographs of the post-war German Federal Air Force. The movement is a rather large 16''' 17-jewel Hanhart movement, variously described as a cal. 4054 (Antiquorum), a cal. 40 (von Halem), or a cal. 15 (Knirim). The movement is only marked "Germany" (not "Hanhart" or "Vixa"). The Vixa was the only Type 20/21 to use a German movement.


- very good
- nice lume
- clean dial
- service marks
- runs fine, all functions work perfect
- comes with a handmade vintage leather Nato strap

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